New Home for the SHACK, berthing The FAQchest.

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Hey guys!   Here

is the new home of "The FAQchest".

We relocated further south San Diego county

The Shack is now in a loft. Cool! This gives some air

to dissipate the xxx calories all this power house is generating

Look at the newest additions! Try to locate "Barstow" and "Yosemite"?

Barstow is a PPro 266, once fast machine. I'm going to keep this machine

as my "playground" machine, testing distributions and installs.  No additional

drives are scheduled to get into. Yosemite is THE big box of dreams! Do you have

ever seen "this" on your Mac? This beast is a P3 600 with a Raid0 of 4x30G Western

Digital. So this makes a hefty 120G partition, turning easlily into a comfy 110G on your

Mac(s) desktop. Yosemite will be the much needed backup of the FAQchest. It'll be my

workstation machine of choice and my powerhouse of choice for CPU thristy jobs. Ok

This is it for the new SHACK. No more new machines, that's enough, for the moment

a much needed upgrade of the firewall is in the works to optimize and enhace it. I

don't know yet how I'll do that, shutting down "Rancho" for a whole day long or

getting (yet) another salvaged HP Vectra and work setting it up big time

for a quick and easy replacement. Too bad, it'll gett me a new IP

as the outside NIC will have a different mac address,

unless I overwrite it with Rancho's old one.

So, plenty of projects in

the pipe.

Yosemite Linux

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